Stress and Testosterone Levels


Stress, the state of emotional duress we go through when we’re facing a psychological or bodily problem. It causes anxiety, worry, and even depression. Stress usually inflicts a great deal of damage which may result in emotional trauma or even cause bodily harm. Did you know that a man’s testosterone levels are directly linked to his stress level? The more stressed he is, the less the amount of testosterone in his blood.


As we all know, as men age, the level of testosterone in their bodies undergoes a gradual decline. This is a natural process, but may be accelerated by some factors related to lifestyle. The wrong lifestyle choices such as poor eating habits and lack of activity may speed up this decline. And stress contributes in a major way. Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a steroid hormone that suppresses testosterone production. The more stressed you are, higher the level of cortisol in the body. In fact, cortisol levels in humans are used as markers of how stressed out a person can be.


So I suppose it’s pretty clear – reduce stress, raise testosterone levels. Declining testosterone levels can wreak havoc in your life. This exceptional hormone is directly linked to almost every function of the body. As a consequence, men suffer from weak bones, muscle weakness, fatigue, lethargy, memory impairment, and the most commonly known effect of low testosterone, loss of sexual desire.


Here are some ways you can reduce stress and improve the body’s testosterone balance:

  • Yoga and meditation are touted as excellent stress busters.
  • Soothing music and massage therapy are great ways to combat stress.
  • Spend time with family and friends. Spending time with loved ones has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body.
  • Indulge in your favorite hobby. Anything that relaxes the mind acts as an effective stress reliever.
  • Participate in regular physical activity. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins. These are aptly known as the “feel good hormones” because they act as the body’s natural pain relievers, driving away stress and tension.


Elevated levels of stress, which mean elevates levels of cortisol are definitely not good for the body. They inhibit testosterone production and completely upset the delicate balance of life. Go through Ageless Male supplement reviews to get an idea of how bad testosterone deficiency can be. It’s also important to eat sensibly. A diet containing saturated fats and carbonated beverages will do more harm than good. Eat healthful fats, lots of protein, fiber, and vegetables to get rid of harmful toxins. Use nutritional supplements like Ageless Male if need be. Doctors advise testosterone replacement therapy for men who suffer from testosterone deficiency.


You can’t always control external factors that induce stress and anxiety. But you can definitely take steps to deal with it effectively. You know better than anyone else what relaxes you and makes you happy. Work on it. Nothing’s more important than good health that’ll add meaningful years to life!


Do Men Experience Menopause?


Let’s begin by answering that question. Do men really experience menopause? Yes! Confused? Don’t be! Menopause is no longer a term associated with females only. Men are susceptible to this condition as much as women are, albeit in a slightly different way. Male menopause occurs when men start experiencing a plethora of unwanted physical and emotional changes in their life, usually around age 50. These changes are the result of hormonal imbalance, namely a decline in the amount of testosterone.

As a man grows old, testosterone production gradually and slowly begins to taper off. No it never stops completely, unlike women, which signals the end of her menstrual cycle and renders her infertile. In men, the level of testosterone begin to decline at the rate of about 1% every year, beginning age 40. Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone, and therefore when it decreases in amount, the body reacts to it in an undesirable way, such as:

  1. Loss of sexual desire
  2. Impotence
  3. Inability to achieve erection
  4. Fat redistribution around the abdomen
  5. Hot flashes and night sweats
  6. Unexplained fatigue
  7. Loss of muscle bulk
  8. Brittle bones
  9. Dry, flaky skin
  10. Sleep disturbance
  11. Irritability and mood swings
  12. Foggy memory
  13. Loss of motivation and enthusiasm

Men who experience these signs can feel frustrated and depressed. In fact, more often than not, they don’t realize that falling levels of testosterone are causing these symptoms.They simply attribute it to aging, or worse still, think it’s depression that’s causing these signs and may even get the wrong treatment. These signs can interfere with daily life and even cause rifts in a relationship. What’s important is that men team up with their doctors to find the underlying cause and get help to manage it the right way. Here are some ways you can overcome the bothersome symptoms of male menopause:

  1. Eat sensibly. Your diet should consist of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and lots of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Read up on men’s health supplement reviews. Some, like Ageless Male, are specially designed to improve testosterone production and enhance strength, libido, and body composition. Just don’t get sidetracked by Ageless Male scam reviews – it’s just a hype. The supplement contains powerful and genuine ingredients in the right proportions to boost vigor and vitality.
  3. Nothing gets the body pumping testosterone like a vigorous workout. Weightlifting, strength training, and high intensity interval training beef up muscles and testosterone levels. If that’s not for you, go for swimming or running. Get moving. It also helps reduce stress and cheers you up by triggering a rush of endorphins, also known as “feel-good” hormones. A sedentary lifestyle only accelerates hormonal fluctuations and makes matters worse.

So yes, male menopause does exist. It’s just not discussed as widely as female menopause. But men must realize they may experience it sooner or later once they have crossed 40, if they don’t keep up with a healthy and smart approach toward life.

Testosterone Boosters 101


Testosterone boosters are becoming more and more popular. This market has become huge and there are thousands of testosterone boosters available. How does one navigate through the different types? What is effective? Why would you consider taking testosterone boosters? We hope to begin to answer that question here.

Reasons people take testosterone boosters

What’s your reason for considering testosterone boosters? Here are the top 3 reasons that people take testosterone boosters of any kind.

1. Body-builders: Testosterone helps build muscle faster so many body-builders take protein and testosterone supplements to energize them for long work-out times.

2. Low testosterone: Men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone often take testosterone supplements. Signs of low testosterone include problems with intimacy, depression, loss of muscle mass and energy throughout the day.

3. Patients with other conditions: Testosterone boosters are sometimes given to people who are obese, diabetic or struggling with heart disease. How testosterone helps is not fully understood but the research is on-going.

Types of testosterone boosters

There are 3 main types of testosterone boosters:

1. One class uses various natural herbs like ginseng and other minerals like zinc that have been shown to increase levels of testosterone.

2. Class two of testosterone boosters help to lower estrogen levels and as a result the remaining testosterone is more effective, although the amount produced itself is not altered.

3. Class three helps maintain the levels of the nutrients necessary for testosterone production to make sure that adequate amounts of testosterone are produced.

It’s best to go with testosterone boosters that are derived from natural sources. They will not flood your body with unhealthy levels of testosterone but instead you’re your body improve testosterone production. Ageless Male is one such testosterone booster. It contains extract from the ripe fenugreek seed. There have been many reviews of Ageless Male that support its efficacy. It also contains B6 that helps improve energy metabolism and keeps you energized all day.

Lifestyle changes that boost testosterone:

1. Exercise: Lifting weights and doing at least 30 minutes of cardio-vascular (swimming, running, walking) exercise every day can really make a difference in how you feel and how well your body is able to function.

2. Eat: Eat enough protein, don’t stay away from lean red meat for too long, your body does need some amount of cholesterol for better production of testosterone. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables too.

3. Sleep: Getting a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep is better for your body than any medication. Your body heals when you sleep and your cells are rejuvenated.

That’s a brief introduction to testosterone boosters. You will find many forums that answer specific questions and many supplement reviews that can guide which supplement you choose. Remember to ask your doctor before starting to take any dietary supplement because it might conflict with some other medication that you’re already on. Boosting your testosterone levels is easy when you know what to do.

Young and Worried about Testosterone?


Testosterone, the most important male hormone, plays a vital role in the male reproductive system. Produced by the testes and to a lesser extent by the adrenal glands, it’s associated with the growth of sex organs and development of secondary sexual characteristics. Typically, with age, testosterone levels in men begin a gradual decline, mostly after age 30. This is characterized by loss in muscle strength, increase in abdominal fat, loss of sex drive, and an overwhelming feeling of sluggishness. Some men may experience a reduction in testosterone levels at a young age. For such men, there are several safe, natural, and proven methods to enhance the falling levels and get them back on track.

Natural Methods to Increase Testosterone Levels 

  • Watch what you eat. Make sure you eat protein-rich foods. Protein helps build muscles. Zinc is another important mineral your body needs for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and broccoli also augment testosterone levels.
  • Healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, found in avocados, salmon, and nuts naturally raise T levels. Then there is vitamin D. Eat cereals and dairy products fortified with this important vitamin because if you’re low on it, you’re low on your T levels too.
  • Ageless Male is a dietary supplement containing fenugreek seed extract and essential vitamins, which stimulate the body’s testosterone production.
  • Regular workout is a must if you want to see your T levels go up. The best way is to lift weights and do compound exercises like squats, bench presses, rows, and dead lifts. If that’s not possible, swim, run, jog, bike, but keep up with an active lifestyle. Exercise helps to burn the fat and tone your muscles. Lack of exercise can cause testosterone to plummet.
  • Get a good night’s sleep, at least 7-8 hours. It’s as important as eating right or exercising. It’s important for your body to get enough rest to produce adequate and healthy levels of testosterone.
  • Stay away from stressful situations. Stress and anxiety aren’t good for your system, and will adversely affect the production of testosterone.

If you notice, most of the methods outlined above are nothing out of the ordinary, but simple lifestyle modifications which will not only strengthen your immune system and help the body stave off cardiovascular diseases and help you lose weight, but also help you get your testosterone levels back within a healthy range. If you wish to take supplements, it’s a good idea to read through their reviews. For instance, when you read Ageless Male reviews, you’ll understand how hundreds of men, both young and old, are using this product with positive results and no side effects. So to keep the debilitating symptoms of low testosterone away, follow and smart, healthy, and active way of life, no matter what age you are!

Fighting Low Testosterone


It is estimated that about 33% of men over 45 suffer from low levels of testosterone. Most of them do not even know it. Most men think the symptoms are all just part of growing old. Low testosterone will win the battle if more men are not made aware that they need to fight low testosterone.

Your body carries testosterone in two forms—free and bound. Free testosterone is the active form and bound is attached to other molecules in your blood. You need to increase free testosterone by either producing more testosterone or unbinding bound testosterone. But how?

How can you fight low testosterone? Here are the weapons you have against low testosterone.

Food: The foods you eat really affect your body’s ability to produce more testosterone. Your body converts cholesterol into testosterone so eating an adequate amount of cholesterol is necessary unless your cardiologist had advised otherwise. You can still supplement your diet with high-protein and low-fat foods. Vegetables like broccoli can do wonders to bolster your testosterone levels too.

Exercise: Regular exercise for at least 20 minutes is recommended for overall health so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found out that it’s great for testosterone production as well. Strength training exercises are especially beneficial but cardio-vascular exercises that get your blood flowing are great too. Swimming is a great option if you know how to swim. It’s easy on your joints but gives a full body workout.

Supplements: If eating right is difficult, you can stick to a balanced diet and take a supplement that promotes healthy testosterone levels. Countless men have given testimonials about Ageless Male which is a natural testosterone booster. It contains Testofen, an extract from the fenugreek herb. Since it is natural, side-effects are minimal if any at all. There are a million other testosterone boosters in the market but Ageless Male has a strong reputation and is backed by good research. Other supplements are too intense and usually meant for body-builders while Ageless Male was created for overall well-being for every man.

Professional Care: If your levels of testosterone are astonishingly low, you might need more than dietary change. Doctors often recommend using Testosterone gels or Testosterone patches. The gels can be dangerous if the person using them is not careful to not touch any other person with a surface that has the gel on it. This makes playing with small children difficult and who would want to give that up? Patches are much more efficient. In severe cases doctors also recommend hormone replacement therapy in which the patient is injected with testosterone at regular periods of time.

With these 4 weapons ready and in action, no one should lose the battle against low testosterone. By eating carefully, exercising, taking supplements and maybe even getting professional care you will feel a marked difference in your energy levels (even if you don’t feel 16 again). It’s worth the fight and anyone can win and live a full and productive life. Stay focused!

Got Low Testosterone Blues


Multiple studies have shown that men with low testosterone are likely to be depressed as well. In this article we will try to give an overview and summary of the relationship between testosterone and depression, or at least as much as we know of it. Sometimes men with low testosterone experience moodiness and not clinical depression. There is still much to be studied and while many things are still a mystery research will reveal more in time.

What are the possible reasons for low testosterone to affect depression?

1.   The symptoms of low testosterone can trigger depression.

The symptoms of low testosterone are fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sexual desire, irritability, and loss of muscle mass, weight gain and sluggishness. If you feel like this you might have low testosterone and people who see these symptoms in themselves overtime might be prone to be depressed because they feel stuck, unable to change.

2.   Low testosterone might directly affect the brain.

Testosterone is a hormone that affects many different parts of the body. It might even be linked to the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is what keeps our spirits up even when the world might be falling apart. Therefore, low testosterone might mean lower levels of serotonin which would make the individual more likely to be depressed.

Would treating depressed men with low testosterone help them recover?

 To some extent.

In a study that was reported by the American Journal of Psychiatry, men who were unresponsive to anti-depressants, with testosterone levels ranging from low to normal were separated into two groups. One group was given testosterone gel along with their anti-depressants while the other was given a placebo with the anti-depressants. Astonishingly, a third of the men who had taken the testosterone showed great improvement in their symptoms of depression. This shows that for some men, low testosterone is playing a big part in their depression and taking testosterone boosters, gels or patches would help significantly.

2.   Doctor’s awareness.

Testosterone was used to treat depressed men 50 years ago and since then anti-depressants have been popularized. However, it has been found that some that do not respond to anti-depressants show marked improvement when given testosterone supplements. Doctors often fail to ask patients who come to them presenting depression to take a blood test for testosterone. Especially men over 45 should monitor their testosterone levels from time to time. Doctor’s need to be more aware of this link between low testosterone and depression because giving the body testosterone is easy and can provide relatively quick relief.

If you have low testosterone then taking supplements like Ageless Male is highly recommended (you can ask your own doctor) since it contain natural testosterone boosters that have negligible side-effects, if any at all. According to Ageless Male reviews, it contains an extract from a fenugreek herb that has been clinically shown to boost free testosterone in healthy men. We hope that this article sheds some light on how testosterone and depression interact and helps you stay happy!

Warning about testosterone gels


Men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone might have been advised by a doctor to use topical testosterone gels like AndroGel and Testim. These methods are very effective on people who are unable to produce any testosterone or produce it in very low amounts. However in the past few years it has been observed that these gels need to come with a more extensive warning about their handling.

What do people need to be warned about?

Since the product is in gel form and needs to be applied during the day, anyone who comes in contact with a part of the patient’s skin that has been medicated might themselves be affected by the testosterone. This is called secondary contact.

Why is secondary contact dangerous?

Secondary contact with these gels can have severe effects on children since they are much more sensitive. Some of the reports include enlargement of a child’s sexual organs, pre-mature growth of pubic hair, increased self-stimulation and aggressive behavior. Sometimes even when the child stopped being exposed to the product, these symptoms did not return to normal. This is a very serious side-effect of using gels and we must safeguard our young ones.

Precautions adults need to take:

Recognizing how serious secondary exposure can be, men who use these products need to be so much more careful. I would even suggest changing to a different solution for the testosterone problem if one finds it too difficult to take the following precautions.

  1. Apply gel after showering and do not swim or shower for the next 6 hours
  2. Apply the gels in parts that are easily covered by clothing like the abdomen.
  3. Wash your hands vigorously with soap and often before playing with children.
  4. Take adequate precautions to not expose your partner to the product during intercourse. 

Are there any solutions that might be safer than gels?

Yes! There are testosterone patches that in my opinion are a much safer and cleaner option. Testosterone replacement therapy is also an option although it is more painful because of the injections.

A way to promote healthy testosterone levels is by taking supplements like Ageless Male. It contains fenugreek herb extract—natural and side-effect free. It helps the body to naturally boost testosterone production in healthy males and is clinically researched as you can read on Ageless Male reviews. These supplements can help but it’s always advised to consult your doctor before adding them to your daily diet.

Is the Food and Drug Association (FDA) taking any action?

Yes, to reduce the reported cases of secondary exposure, the FDA is requiring manufacturers to provide customers more information about the risk of secondary exposure and the necessary precautions.

The FDA and others are doing all they can to ensure that gels are as safe as they can be to actually help instead of harm. The more people are aware of the safety steps they need to take to avoid secondary exposure to testosterone, the more they can use these gels responsibly.