Feeling low? It might be low testosterone!


You’d be amazed at the amount of things testosterone affects. Testosterone affects pretty much everything- your mood, libido, energy, weight, bone density and so on. And let’s be honest, NOBODY wants to live like that. So here’s how you can tell you might be suffering from low testosterone levels.

Low sex drive: Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Have you not quite been feeling in the mood lately? You could chock it down to fatigue or lack of sleep, but if it persists, it could very well be your testosterone at play. A sudden dip in testosterone could result in a decreased interest in the act of lovemaking. This could take an emotional toll on your partner as she might feel unwanted or rejected. Instead of running the risk of causing potential damage to your relationship and heartache to your partner, it’s best to have your libido checked out just to be sure.

Weaker or fewer erections: A drop in testosterone levels could also create sexual dysfunction. If you notice that you have been having weaker and fewer erections, the problem could very well be your testosterone. You should take this as a sign to have your testosterone levels tested just to make sure.

Depression: Have you been uncharacteristically feeling low lately? Have you been experiencing a general state of depression and you can’t really put a finger on why? While there’s no doubt that there could be many factors contributing to your depression, low levels of testosterone could be a very big underlying factor that you might not be aware of. Run it by your doctor so that he can rule out the possibility with a small test to check your testosterone levels.

Difficulty in concentration and memory: Everybody forgets things every now and then. It’s very common and not necessarily something to worry about. But what IS a cause of concern is when this becomes a recurrent problem. If you notice that you’re experiencing fuzziness and are having difficulty concentrating on things or remembering things, you might want to pay a visit to your doctor to find out if your testosterone levels are okay.

Loss of muscle, weight gain: Have you been putting on weight? You might lead a sedentary lifestyle but have you noticed a gradual increase in weight and consequent muscle loss? You should be aware that this could be a problem caused by your dropping levels of testosterone and you should immediately get it checked out.

Other associated symptoms of low testosterone are decreased facial hair and a general sense of apathy.

Why live with low testosterone when you can effectively fix this problem? Taking a healthcare supplement such as Ageless Male might go a long way in helping boost your testosterone levels. You should read some Ageless Male reviews to find out just how taking this supplement can help improve your testosterone levels.

Take active measures to bring up your testosterone levels before they dip. You’ll be glad you did.


Declining Testosterone Levels in Men


Testosterone, the potent male androgen plays a crucial role in a man’s life. It helps in the normal development of secondary sexual characteristics and maturation of sex organs. But sadly, the levels of this all-important male hormone begin to decline once a man crosses 30. This can cause tiredness, lead to obesity, and diminish libido. Previously, most men took this as a normal part of aging. But the truth is low testosterone, which is caused due to advancing age, can cause a host of other symptoms. The good part is this can be managed easily and effectively by improving one’s lifestyle through diet and exercise and taking supplements such as Ageless Male.

Signs of Declining Testosterone:

  • Decreased sexual function and low sex drive
  • Increase in abdominal fat
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Brittle bones, which may lead to osteoporosis in later life
  • Loss of ability to concentrate on everyday chores
  • Tiredness

Here are a few things you can do or follow to get your T levels back up:

  • Eat the right kind of diet. Some of the best examples of testosterone-boosting foods include lean cuts of beef, eggs, chicken or turkey breast, salmon, mackerel, walnuts, olive oil, avocados, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.
  • Lift weights. Weightlifting works large muscle groups in the body and stimulates testosterone production and helps you to gain muscle mass. If weightlifting isn’t for you, try running, biking or walking. These simple cardiovascular exercises also aid in weight loss.
  • Take a nutritional supplement. Ageless Male supplement reviews state that these pills work best when taken with an exercise regimen and a healthy diet. Its primary ingredient is Testofen, derived from fenugreek seeds that promote healthy testosterone levels in men.
  • Don’t get overly anxious about anything. Stress and anxiety can cause testosterone levels to plummet. Try to get enough rest by sleeping at least 7 hours a day and practice meditative techniques to calm yourself and keep stress at bay.
  • Excess alcohol can cause testosterone levels to dip. Limit your consumption to two glasses a day.
  • Quit smoking! I don’t need to iterate the harm it can cause to your system!

As awareness of low testosterone slowly spreads, more men are becoming alert to the signs caused by this deficit in hormonal levels. Just as age is a major contributing factor, you cannot overlook the lifestyle factor. Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have poor eating habits are twice as likely to experience testosterone deficiency as compared to men who are active, follow a balanced and nutritious meal plan. So take steps towards a better and healthier lifestyle and reduce your chances of experiencing debilitating signs of declining testosterone levels.