Help your Guy Overcome Testosterone Deficiency

Help your guy

Have you noticed a shift in your husband’s behavior lately? Does he get tired easily, has gained a few pounds, lacks the motivation to take up any new task, and shows disinterest in physical intimacy? The reason could very well be low testosterone. As men age, the production of testosterone gradually slows down. Testosterone is an exceptionally important male hormone, affecting nearly every function in the human body. It affects everything from muscle strength, libido, metabolism, bone density, to cognitive functions and even sleep pattern. Here’s what you can do to help your husband battle this hormonal deficiency and smooth a troubled relationship.



Tips to Help your Guy Overcome Low Testosterone

  • Make sure your guy is eating all the right foods. He should eat foods with good fats such as olive oil, nuts, fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and trout, and chicken and turkey breast. Make sure he has lots of vegetables and fruits, whole wheat cereals, and fortified dairy products.
  • At the same time, it’s important not to eat junk, fried and processed foods as they contain harmful fats and can slow testosterone production and make him more sluggish and irritable.
  • Exercise is important to maintain optimum testosterone. Ask him to join a gym, or if he’s too busy, make sure he indulges in adequate physical activity on weekends to ramp up testosterone levels. Even simple exercises like walking or jogging can boost testosterone and also keep weight in check.
  • Ask him to go through Ageless Male testimonials. It’s a supplement containing a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients that raise the amount of freely circulating testosterone. This restores stamina and virility by increasing metabolism, enhancing sex drive and improving body composition. Ageless Male contains Testofen – an extract derived from fenugreek seeds, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. All these ingredients play a vital role in fostering sexual and reproductive health.
  • Don’t allow him to drink more than one glass of alcoholic beverage in a day. Alcohol messes up the system and can suppress testosterone production.
  • Is he stressed out? Stress can destroy testosterone production by releasing large amounts of cortisol in the bloodstream. Think of cortisol as testosterone’s enemy. If that’s the case, help him relax. Hectic schedules contribute to stress. Urge him to take up a sport, join a hobby class, or plan a weekend outing with friends. Activities that help you unwind are also great testosterone boosters.

If the problem persists, encourage your partner to seek medical attention. Doctors often advise hormone replacement therapy for men with severe testosterone deficiency. Unusually low levels of testosterone can lead to further health complications such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Be with him in this trying time because testosterone deficiency can sometimes take a severe toll on a man’s physical and emotional well being.

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