How low testosterone can affect your health

What is testosterone? A hormone produced in the testes that stimulates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. You also have probably already heard that it is the hormone that fuels sexual desire amongst men. But did you know that testosterone can affect your overall health? It affects your mood, weight, muscle development and concentration. Let’s take a look at this in a little bit of detail.

Bone density

Studies have indicated that undiagnosed low levels of testosterone could be a contributing factor to low bone density amongst men. While there are a number of other factors that could lead to low bone density (smoking, excessive alcohol intake, low calcium intake, not enough physical exercise, etc), low levels of testosterone also contribute to this physical condition.

Loss of muscle mass

As men age, muscle mass usually decreases. However, low levels of testosterone could actually speed up the process of loss of muscle mass. One indication of loss of muscle mass is packing on pounds. A sudden increase in weight could mean that the less muscle in your body, the lowered the ability of the body to burn off calories. This could result in packing on the pounds and consequently, weight gain.

Lack of energy

This is one of the most common indications of low levels of testosterone- tiredness and fatigue, reduced strength and overall lack of energy. If you feel tired very often or just an overall lack of interest in physical activities, you might be dealing with a case of low testosterone levels. Consult with a doctor to get your tests done to find out for sure.


If you have been feeling really low off late and you can’t really put your finger on why, there is a good chance your testosterone levels might be low. Sudden mood swings are also an indication of low testosterone, so if you’re wondering about what’s causing these sudden shifts in moods or causing these bouts in depression, it might be time to get your testosterone levels checked.

Loss of concentration

Have you been having a tough time concentrating on things? Are you getting distracted easily? Are you having a tough time focusing on your work? You ought to know that low levels of testosterone could very well be a reason for this.

Loss of libido

If you have found yourself just not being ‘in the mood’ anymore, or if you’re having trouble performing in the bedroom, it could be less testosterone causing this problem and you should get yourself checked immediately. Lack of intimacy between two partners could lead to a world of bitterness and feeling rejected and it causes unnecessary pain that can be dealt with through some medical guidance.

How can you prevent testosterone levels from dropping?

By maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle you can keep your testosterone levels from dipping. Get some exercise in everyday and eat balanced, nutritious meals rich in nutrients. You can also consider talking natural healthcare supplements such as Ageless Male to help maintain healthy levels of testosterone. If you read Ageless Male reviews you’ll know that the supplement helps support healthy levels of testosterone and is completely natural and safe to take.

Don’t let lack of testosterone ruin your life. Do something about it today!

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