Causes of Andropause


Andropause, also known as male menopause, occurs when the body starts producing less and less of the hormone testosterone. It can be defines as the state in which the body’s testosterone levels fall below the expected acceptable range. Testosterone, as we all know, is the hormone responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as deep voice and growth of body hair and the maturation of sex organs. It also plays other important roles such as maintaining bone density, metabolism, and muscle bulk. Consequently, low levels of testosterone can have some serious physical ramifications. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of andropause.


Causes of Andropause

Testosterone is produced by the testes, which is then released into the bloodstream. Testosterone production peaks during adolescence and early twenties. As men get older, this production gradually dwindles as a natural part of aging. Only a small amount (less than 2%) of testosterone in the blood is freely circulating, also known as bioavailable, or biologically active. The remaining amount of testosterone is bound to SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. This “bound” testosterone isn’t biologically active, which means that SHBG suppresses it from functioning. As a man ages, it’s not just the testosterone production that gets hit, but the level of SHBG in the blood also increases, which means the body has even lesser amount of testosterone to use.


Lowered amounts of testosterone can cause various complications such as poor energy, brittle bones, difficulty with erections resulting in poor sexual performance, loss of muscle mass, brittle bones, fatigue, and depression. Though almost every man faces a decline in testosterone levels, it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Doctors claim that apart from age, factors such as amount of physical activity, eating habits, and lifestyle choices also affect the onset of andropause. Men who neglect their health are more likely to experience the adverse effects of low testosterone than those who follow a healthy lifestyle.


For men with unusually low testosterone, doctors usually advise testosterone replacement therapy in the form of shots, skin patches, gels, buccal tablets, pills such as Ageless Male, and pellets which can be placed under the skin. Shots, gels, and patches are usually fast acting and release the hormone into the blood immediately following the application, whereas pills are slower acting and show results after a few days. Improving dietary habits to include more of pro-testosterone foods and cutting back on saturated and junk food can improve good cholesterol levels and aid in the production of testosterone. Take up a fitness program; it’ll naturally elevate your testosterone levels. Ageless Male reviews indicate that older men who suffered from andropause greatly benefit if they use these tablets daily and follow a healthy meal plan and fitness program.


Several symptoms of andropause are also a normal part of aging. Don’t take such signs lightheartedly. If left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications. No one can control the gradual declining of testosterone levels, but managing its effects on your body is entirely in your hands!


8 Muscle Building Food Tips for Men


Most men go around building muscle the wrong way. Taking steroids is one of those unnatural and dangerous ways to get buff. There are other natural ways to put on muscle weight. Eating right will help you gain before you ever start working at it in the gym. You need a diet that will provide energy for the work-out and quickly rebuild the tissues that tear during the work-out.  So here are 8 food tips that will help you do just that.

  1. Dairy: Dairy, not dairy substitutes contain a lot of protein. Drinking low-fat flavored milk is a great after workout snack because the protein helps your muscles repair themselves and dairy additionally contains vitamin D, calcium and potassium.


  1. Lean Meat: Experts suggest eating 1.2 grams of protein for every 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram your weigh. You can do the math. Lean meats are a great way of getting protein into your body but make sure it is lean. Lean meats additionally contain leucine which is known to increase muscle growth and iron that carries oxygen to all the parts of your body.


  1. Dark Meats: Some dark meats like chicken dark meat contain a lot more zinc and iron. Many people would call dark meat the best part of the bird and I wouldn’t be one to disagree.


  1. Eggs: Eating one egg a day with the yolk gives your protein as lutein which is a nutrient that benefits vision. If you love eggs, they are a great way to begin your day.


  1. Beans: There is such a variety of beans that if you like them, you’ll never run out of different ways to eat them. Explore the world of beans a little more if you’re new. They are filled with zinc, protein, fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants and most importantly, they contain good carbs that will fuel your work-out.


  1. Nuts: You get healthy fats from nuts. They are on the list of muscle food tips because they also contain some protein along with vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants.


  1. Veggies and Fruits: While meats, eggs and beans are good sources of protein, your muscle building diet will be very lacking without fruits and vegetables to help you process all this protein. The minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables are hard to find elsewhere without dietary supplementation.


  1. Fluids: Drinking enough water or natural juice is so essential to flush out all the excess substances from your body. Simply drinking a lot of water helps the fat cells prone to letting fat leave the body. But the role water plays in helping build muscle is undeniable.


Even with these 8 tips men can take substances that naturally boost testosterone levels without adding testosterone. An example would be the supplement Ageless Male that contains the extract of fenugreek seed called Testofen. Many Ageless Male testimonials have shown how this supplement has worked for them to increase free testosterone. Any increase in testosterone is great for muscle building but this is one of the few safe ways to increase testosterone in your body. Remember start slow and keep adding more weights every day in order to get the results you want.

Effective Solutions for Male Menopause


Male menopause is used to describe the gradual decline of the hormone testosterone. Levels of this incredibly important hormone begin to dwindle after a man reaches 30. Unlike women, who have a clear-cut phase in their lives which can be marked as menopause, male menopause isn’t so well-defined. That’s because men’s bodies never completely stop producing testosterone. And secondly, this process is very slow-occurring. Also known by other terms such as testosterone deficiency, low testosterone in aging men, and andropause, male menopause can be a cause for concern if it produces undesirable side effects. Diminishing libido, excess body fat, poor energy, lack of enthusiasm and feeling blue for no reason are just some adverse effects of testosterone deficiency. Find out how you can restore energy and overcome testosterone deficiency.

Effective Solutions for Male Menopause

  1. Eat plenty of fresh, organic produce. Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, beef, chicken, salmon, walnuts, pecans, olive oil, and avocados are all rich in nutrients that help maximize your body’s hormonal production. Cruciferous vegetables, which include the likes of broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower, reduce the levels of estrogen in the body, and lead to increased bioavailability of free testosterone. So think twice before you groan at the thought of eating these super veggies!
  2. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Excess alcohol can knock off the body’s delicate hormonal balance. Limit yourself to just one drink per day.
  3. Get back in shape.Chart a daily workout schedule that best suits your routine. Obesity and testosterone deficiency go hand in hand. Shedding fat is a huge boost to your self-esteem. If you’re in good shape, you’ll feel good about yourself, which can work wonders to increase self-confidence and motivation.
  4. Ageless Male is a specially formulated multivitamin and mineral supplement containing fenugreek seed extract. This plant derivative speeds up the body’s natural testosterone production. It also contains zinc, a trace mineral central to reproductive functions and vitamin B6 that is essential for energy metabolism. Ageless Male supplement reviews indicate that this product influences hormone levels positively and helps men deal with male menopause.
  5. Learn to manage stress. Undue stress increases cortisol; and increased cortisol leads to decreased testosterone levels. Practice yoga or meditation, listen to soothing music, go out with friends more often, join a hobby class, do any activity that will reduce stress.

Male menopause in no way means the beginning of the end, it only means your body is signaling that something’s not right. A bit of self-care like eating the right foods and keeping up an active lifestyle is all it takes to revive your old self. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight; so the sooner you start taking care of yourself, the better it is. Take control of your life and don’t be a victim to the debilitating effects of male menopause.

Signs of Male Menopause


Male menopause is caused by hormonal changes. Advancing age takes a toll on the delicate hormonal balance of the body, and this is as true for men as it is for women. Men may not go through a well-defined menopause like women, but it occurs nevertheless. Doctors define male menopause as the stage in a man’s life when testosterone levels begin to decline, usually by 1% every year. Also referred to as andropause and testosterone deficiency in older men, this decline begins after a man reaches 30 and is a very gradual process. Unlike women, hormonal production never completely stops in men. But a dip can certainly cause some unpleasant physical and behavioral changes, as testosterone is a very important hormone essaying a vital role in many bodily functions. Take a closer look at the most apparent signs of male menopause.

Signs of Male Menopause

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Accumulation of fat around the midsection
  • Low sperm count and impotence
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Brittle and weak bones
  • Decrease in energy metabolism
  • Poor concentration
  • Memory impairment
  • Lack of motivation and enthusiasm
  • Hot flashes
  • Disturbed sleep

Though advancing age is the most common reason behind male menopause, personal lifestyle choices are often responsible for speeding up the process. Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle prove detrimental to healthy testosterone levels. Stress is another leading factor that can accelerate male menopause. So what can you to delay the onset of male menopause? You can’t directly control your body’s natural testosterone production, but you can eat right and keep yourself physically active to make sure your body is strong and healthy enough to produce optimum levels of testosterone required for normal functioning.

Supplements such as Ageless Male can be beneficial for men suffering from male menopause. This product contains fenugreek seed extract that boosts testosterone production. It also contains zinc, a trace element lacking from everyday diet but essential for good reproductive health. It also contains pyridoxine, popularly known as vitamin B6, which improves energy metabolism. Supplement reviews of Ageless Male are ample proof that this supplement has helped hundreds and thousands of men fight signs of low testosterone and regain vigor and vitality.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs listed above, it’s time to consult an endocrinologist or your primary care provider. Diagnosing male menopause is simple; it just takes a blood test to know the levels of bioavailable testosterone, i.e. the amount of freely circulating testosterone in the bloodstream which your body can use. If levels are low, talk to your doctor on the most suitable methods of raising testosterone in your body. Begin by peppering your meals with organic and fresh food, limit your alcohol intake, de-stress, and work out regularly. Maintaining an active lifestyle and a nutritious meal plan are the first steps to achieving good health and keeping hormonal deficiencies away.