The 4 B’s of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is hormone that considered a male hormone. That makes sense because it is responsible for the characteristics we associate with being manly like a deep voice of facial hair. But even more than that, adequate amounts of testosterone help a man maintain muscle mass, maintain libido and stay mentally and emotionally stable. Testosterone levels are higher in younger men but as they gradually decrease with age. Some men experience extremely low testosterone even in their mid-20s. Can you begin to imagine how terrible the effects of low testosterone would be? In addition to depression, loss of muscle, libido and overall energy low testosterone can have the following adverse effects if left unchecked:


  • Blood Pressure: Testosterone plays a vital part in blood pressure in various ways. We do not fully understand exactly how levels of testosterone affect blood pressure but here is what we do know. High Density Lipoprotein or HDL (good cholesterol) aids the removal of the bad cholesterol that attaches itself to the inner walls of arteries, narrowing and eventually blocking the artery. Narrowing of the artery increases blood pressure because the heart has to pump blood with greater pressure to get through a narrow opening. Testosterone plays a significant role in enhancing the ability of HDL to clean up the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries. The right amount of testosterone helps the heart to function at its optimum and affects blood pressure as well. That’s why it is important to fight low testosterone right now.


  • Blood Sugar: The relationship between blood sugar and diabetes is complicated. The question “Did the chicken come first or the egg?” is a good way to summarize it. It is difficult to tell whether low testosterone increases the tendency to get diabetes or whether diabetes increases the chances of low testosterone. Either way according to one study, 50% of men with low testosterone also had diabetes. That is an alarming number.           If low testosterone does indeed contribute or cause diabetes, then you should find a solution ASAP.


  • Bone Density: If low testosterone levels are left unchecked over a long period of time, bone density is at risk. Without the right levels of testosterone, bones become brittle, a condition called osteoporosis. This makes men more susceptible to fractures after a fall. Your skeletal system is literally the back-bone of your health, so you need to safeguard it by monitoring testosterone levels from time to time.


In order to prevent these extreme effects of low testosterone any man that experiences mild symptoms of low testosterone should have his testosterone levels checked. It’s a simple blood test. Once identified, the upside is that low testosterone is very easy to treat. I’d recommend reading reviews of Ageless Male which is a testosterone supplement that contains fenugreek seed extract that naturally helps increase free testosterone in the blood. The Ageless Male supplement does not have side-effects either. The responsibility that now rests upon each man is to not just put up with low testosterone but to seek out help and regain a sense of youth.

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