Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

If your testosterone levels are on the lower end, there are changes you can make in increase your testosterone levels. What’s more is that you can do it all naturally! This does not rule out the fact that even after implementing the following in your life, you might still have to visit the doctor and understand the root cause of your low testosterone. But while your levels are low but not lower than the acceptable range, you can eat, drink and work out the right way in order to boost your testosterone levels.

Here are the 4 ways you can increase your testosterone levels naturally:


There are so many rich foods freely available in Nature that help increase testosterone production. So while this is not a comprehensive list, it’s a start.

  • Cruciferous Vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and such are called cruciferous vegetables. They helps increase testosterone by eliminating the extra estrogen that might be floating about in you. Now you really know your mom wasn’t lying when she said “Eat your veggies because they’re good for you”.  This removal of excess estrogen in turn gives the body permission to produce testosterone.
  • Meat: Fat is necessary for better testosterone production. So foods like red meat that are high in fat and protein are good. It is better to eat a high fat diet, (even eating chicken) than a high fiber diet for men to produce healthy amounts of testosterone.
  • Beans: Almost every culture in the world eats beans as a staple food. Beans are great not just because they are full of protein but mainly because they contain zinc which has been researched and is known to increase testosterone levels.


When it comes to drinking, it’s more what you don’t drink that makes a difference. Alcohol consumption in large quantities or drinking very sugary drinks does not help testosterone levels to increase. So drinking them in moderation is best.


Many suggest taking zinc supplements, B-complex and fish oil supplements.

  • Mineral zinc is good for sperm production and testosterone levels.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B like eggs and avocados are needed because vitamin B helps the body produce testosterone too.
  • Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. This and other nutrients increase the availability of free testosterone in the blood.
  • Additionally, supplements made from natural extracts like Ageless Male have no side-effects but do help boost free testosterone in healthy males. Read more Ageless Male testimonials to see what people have said.

If you’re eating a diet rich in zinc or fish, you don’t need the supplement—but often, taking supplements is easier. Try to consult your doctor before taking any supplement to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your medical history.


The work-out you choose can help you produce more testosterone. Weight-lifting and endurance training like running is strenuous and helps burn more fat. Keeping the fat off will help testosterone production.

If you’re on the verge of having really low testosterone, these 4 ways will definitely help you boost your testosterone levels. Keep researching the best foods to increase testosterone.

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