Testosterone Boosters 101

Testosterone boosters are becoming more and more popular. This market has become huge and there are thousands of testosterone boosters available. How does one navigate through the different types? What is effective? Why would you consider taking testosterone boosters? We hope to begin to answer that question here.

Reasons people take testosterone boosters

What’s your reason for considering testosterone boosters? Here are the top 3 reasons that people take testosterone boosters of any kind.

1. Body-builders: Testosterone helps build muscle faster so many body-builders take protein and testosterone supplements to energize them for long work-out times.

2. Low testosterone: Men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone often take testosterone supplements. Signs of low testosterone include problems with intimacy, depression, loss of muscle mass and energy throughout the day.

3. Patients with other conditions: Testosterone boosters are sometimes given to people who are obese, diabetic or struggling with heart disease. How testosterone helps is not fully understood but the research is on-going.

Types of testosterone boosters

There are 3 main types of testosterone boosters:

1. One class uses various natural herbs like ginseng and other minerals like zinc that have been shown to increase levels of testosterone.

2. Class two of testosterone boosters help to lower estrogen levels and as a result the remaining testosterone is more effective, although the amount produced itself is not altered.

3. Class three helps maintain the levels of the nutrients necessary for testosterone production to make sure that adequate amounts of testosterone are produced.

It’s best to go with testosterone boosters that are derived from natural sources. They will not flood your body with unhealthy levels of testosterone but instead you’re your body improve testosterone production. Ageless Male is one such testosterone booster. It contains extract from the ripe fenugreek seed. There have been many reviews of Ageless Male that support its efficacy. It also contains B6 that helps improve energy metabolism and keeps you energized all day.

Lifestyle changes that boost testosterone:

1. Exercise: Lifting weights and doing at least 30 minutes of cardio-vascular (swimming, running, walking) exercise every day can really make a difference in how you feel and how well your body is able to function.

2. Eat: Eat enough protein, don’t stay away from lean red meat for too long, your body does need some amount of cholesterol for better production of testosterone. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables too.

3. Sleep: Getting a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep is better for your body than any medication. Your body heals when you sleep and your cells are rejuvenated.

That’s a brief introduction to testosterone boosters. You will find many forums that answer specific questions and many supplement reviews that can guide which supplement you choose. Remember to ask your doctor before starting to take any dietary supplement because it might conflict with some other medication that you’re already on. Boosting your testosterone levels is easy when you know what to do.

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