A Time for Testosterone

The industry of testosterone supplements has seen a very dramatic change. Sales have more than doubled over the years. Since testosterone boosters have been advertised, awareness about them has grown. The reasons men want to take testosterone boosters now have more to do with increasing libido, feeling energetic, feeling happy than professional body-building. Body-building is still a huge consumer group for testosterone supplements but the average joe is beginning to consider whether it is time for testosterone supplements.

Dangers of Testosterone Supplements

1. Prostate health: The effects of testosterone on the prostate gland have been studied for a long time but yet there is much to be known. Some say that in older men, testosterone can enlarge the prostate gland and might increase the risk of cancer. Prolonged use of testosterone supplements should be closely monitored by a professional.

2. Liver: Men who take testosterone supplements over a period of time are at risk for peliosis hepatitis, a condition in which cysts develop in the liver and or kidneys. The cysts are usually blood-filled. This is a side-effect of synthetic testosterone that men should be very careful to avoid.

3. Dependence: Another danger of taking synthetic testosterone supplements over long periods of time is that the body becomes so dependent on testosterone from the outside that it makes significantly lower amounts naturally. The best testosterone supplements are those that help the body’s natural production of testosterone.

4. Aggression: If the user is not careful about how much testosterone he consumes, it can lead to aggressive behavior. Testosterone affects mood and you need to have the right about to be happy but too much is not beneficial.

Benefits of testosterone supplements

The benefits of testosterone are many but it is very important to remember that natural testosterone is the best kind. It doesn’t flood your body with the hormone but instead pushes it gently to produce more testosterone.

1. Muscle development: It’s cliche but true. Testosterone helps build muscle mass for men of all ages and can help men who want to buff up.

2. Weight loss: Since it helps build muscle, testosterone does to some extent help lose fat.

3. Libido: Testosterone is the most significant male hormone and helps increase libido.

4. Mood: Moodiness and depression are signs of severe low testosterone. Adequate amounts of testosterone help stabilize mood.

5. Energy: Having low testosterone means experiencing fatigue. Testosterone supplements can help provide more energy. One reliable natural testosterone booster, derived from the extract of fenugreek herb is Ageless Male. Ageless Male is one supplement that also contains vitamin B6 to increase energy metabolism. You can read reviews of various natural supplements including Ageless Male reviews to choose what’s right for you.

Men should be careful about what kind of testosterone they are taking and what the goal is. Though natural supplements are much safer, men should consult a professional before beginning any hormone booster. Even though testosterone supplements are gaining much popularity, one must always be careful not to compromise overall health.

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