Fighting Low Testosterone

It is estimated that about 33% of men over 45 suffer from low levels of testosterone. Most of them do not even know it. Most men think the symptoms are all just part of growing old. Low testosterone will win the battle if more men are not made aware that they need to fight low testosterone.

Your body carries testosterone in two forms—free and bound. Free testosterone is the active form and bound is attached to other molecules in your blood. You need to increase free testosterone by either producing more testosterone or unbinding bound testosterone. But how?

How can you fight low testosterone? Here are the weapons you have against low testosterone.

Food: The foods you eat really affect your body’s ability to produce more testosterone. Your body converts cholesterol into testosterone so eating an adequate amount of cholesterol is necessary unless your cardiologist had advised otherwise. You can still supplement your diet with high-protein and low-fat foods. Vegetables like broccoli can do wonders to bolster your testosterone levels too.

Exercise: Regular exercise for at least 20 minutes is recommended for overall health so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found out that it’s great for testosterone production as well. Strength training exercises are especially beneficial but cardio-vascular exercises that get your blood flowing are great too. Swimming is a great option if you know how to swim. It’s easy on your joints but gives a full body workout.

Supplements: If eating right is difficult, you can stick to a balanced diet and take a supplement that promotes healthy testosterone levels. Countless men have given testimonials about Ageless Male which is a natural testosterone booster. It contains Testofen, an extract from the fenugreek herb. Since it is natural, side-effects are minimal if any at all. There are a million other testosterone boosters in the market but Ageless Male has a strong reputation and is backed by good research. Other supplements are too intense and usually meant for body-builders while Ageless Male was created for overall well-being for every man.

Professional Care: If your levels of testosterone are astonishingly low, you might need more than dietary change. Doctors often recommend using Testosterone gels or Testosterone patches. The gels can be dangerous if the person using them is not careful to not touch any other person with a surface that has the gel on it. This makes playing with small children difficult and who would want to give that up? Patches are much more efficient. In severe cases doctors also recommend hormone replacement therapy in which the patient is injected with testosterone at regular periods of time.

With these 4 weapons ready and in action, no one should lose the battle against low testosterone. By eating carefully, exercising, taking supplements and maybe even getting professional care you will feel a marked difference in your energy levels (even if you don’t feel 16 again). It’s worth the fight and anyone can win and live a full and productive life. Stay focused!

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