Could You Have Low Testosterone?

You might not be aware of the fact that low testosterone is a fairly common problem. It is not talked about as much because of the embarrassment most men feel. But could you have low testosterone? The symptoms differ based on age and other factors.

Teenagers: Teenagers who have low testosterone would find that their voices might not crack like their peers and they might not grow facial hair to the same extent either. This can lead to a lot of bullying at school which usually affects personality development at this crucial stage. Libido will probably remain low as well. Having low testosterone at such a young age is probably an indicator of a more serious condition unless it is hereditary.

Adults: Testosterone levels do gradually decrease as a man ages. There are many other factors that could make a person more likely to have low testosterone levels. Diabetics and obese people are likely to have low testosterone. What are the primary symptoms of low testosterone in adults?  Could you have it?

  • Fatigue: Low testosterone makes men feel tired all the time that is not normal for other people their age. It is a constant lack of energy that is a very common symptom of many other health problems and is not too useful in pinpointing whether you actually have low testosterone.
  • Impotence: Many men with low testosterone find it difficult to have sexual intercourse because of erectile dysfunction.
  • Loss of libido: Impotence is closely related to the decreased libido that men with low testosterone often feel. This makes the man too embarrassed to talk about it but really a problem that is not acknowledged cannot be fixed.
  • Depression: According to research, men with low testosterone levels almost always experience depression, especially if the levels are really low.
  • Loss of muscle mass: Low testosterone makes it difficult to build muscle mass and over time that might cause fat to accumulate.
  • Anger: Instead of depression, some men experience flashes of anger as a symptom of low testosterone.
  • Osteoporosis: An individual who has lived with low testosterone will over time lose bone density resulting in porous bones—also called osteoporosis. This makes life very difficult and the bones become brittle.

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, you could have low testosterone. It is a good time to visit your doctor and ask for a blood test for low testosterone. Living with low testosterone can increase the chances of other health conditions so do not shy away from seeing a doctor immediately.

Ask about testosterone boosters like Ageless Male supplement that is made from the extract of fenugreek herb and has no side-effects. Read up on Ageless Male supplement reviews to know that you’re not alone. Supplements only help boost the body’s natural functions, if your low testosterone is a symptom of a bigger health problem, then you must seek expert advice. Sit with your doctor and talk about how you can work together to live a full and happy life.

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