Warning about testosterone gels


Men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone might have been advised by a doctor to use topical testosterone gels like AndroGel and Testim. These methods are very effective on people who are unable to produce any testosterone or produce it in very low amounts. However in the past few years it has been observed that these gels need to come with a more extensive warning about their handling.

What do people need to be warned about?

Since the product is in gel form and needs to be applied during the day, anyone who comes in contact with a part of the patient’s skin that has been medicated might themselves be affected by the testosterone. This is called secondary contact.

Why is secondary contact dangerous?

Secondary contact with these gels can have severe effects on children since they are much more sensitive. Some of the reports include enlargement of a child’s sexual organs, pre-mature growth of pubic hair, increased self-stimulation and aggressive behavior. Sometimes even when the child stopped being exposed to the product, these symptoms did not return to normal. This is a very serious side-effect of using gels and we must safeguard our young ones.

Precautions adults need to take:

Recognizing how serious secondary exposure can be, men who use these products need to be so much more careful. I would even suggest changing to a different solution for the testosterone problem if one finds it too difficult to take the following precautions.

  1. Apply gel after showering and do not swim or shower for the next 6 hours
  2. Apply the gels in parts that are easily covered by clothing like the abdomen.
  3. Wash your hands vigorously with soap and often before playing with children.
  4. Take adequate precautions to not expose your partner to the product during intercourse. 

Are there any solutions that might be safer than gels?

Yes! There are testosterone patches that in my opinion are a much safer and cleaner option. Testosterone replacement therapy is also an option although it is more painful because of the injections.

A way to promote healthy testosterone levels is by taking supplements like Ageless Male. It contains fenugreek herb extract—natural and side-effect free. It helps the body to naturally boost testosterone production in healthy males and is clinically researched as you can read on Ageless Male reviews. These supplements can help but it’s always advised to consult your doctor before adding them to your daily diet.

Is the Food and Drug Association (FDA) taking any action?

Yes, to reduce the reported cases of secondary exposure, the FDA is requiring manufacturers to provide customers more information about the risk of secondary exposure and the necessary precautions.

The FDA and others are doing all they can to ensure that gels are as safe as they can be to actually help instead of harm. The more people are aware of the safety steps they need to take to avoid secondary exposure to testosterone, the more they can use these gels responsibly.


Top 3 Men’s Health Concerns


Women live longer than men by about five years. More men than women die from the top ten causes of death which are heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, accidents, pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, suicide, kidney disease, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.

But the sad part of all this is that many of these deaths are avoidable especially for the five leading causes of death for men which are heart disease, stroke, suicide, prostate cancer and lung cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women are 33 percent more likely to see a doctor for general health than men. Many health specialists believe that the lack of health monitoring accelerates the progression of a disease. For instance, if high cholesterol is detected early enough and lifestyle modifications have been made, men can avoid the risk of heart disease by the time they reach their 40s and 50s.  It’s important that men undergo periodic health tests along with modifying lifestyle factors. Here’s what you can do:

Support heart health

Get a lipid profile done every year at least. This is a simple blood test preferably done in the morning because you need to fast for at least 8 to 10 hours before blood can be given for testing.

Eat healthy! Include more fish (like salmon, sardines, and mackerel in your diet). This type of fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can bring your cholesterol to health levels. Eat at least 5 to 6 servings of vegetables and fresh fruit. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats, a lot of sodium (watch out for processed foods! Read the Nutrition Facts before buying!) and as tempting as they are, so “no thank you” to sugary-sweet desserts. Keep healthy snacks on hand like nutrition bars, protein shakes, and even beef jerky (chemical free products are available).

Maintain a healthy weight. Watch your calories! Thirty minutes of exercise, consistently done every day can help you keep fit and tip the scales in your favor.

Support lung health

Stop smoking! This goes for cigarettes, pipes, cigars and marijuana. That’s about the best thing you can do for yourself to avoid health concerns related to the lungs. Smoking, even passive smokers, are at higher risk of lung disease than non-smokers. Exercise regularly! This will help your lungs supply oxygen to the heart and muscles.

Support prostate health

The problem most men face with prostate health is low testosterone levels, especially after the age of 40.  This can lead to greater problems with prostate health. An enlarged prostate is common in 50 percent of the men over 50. The risk is even higher as age advances. At this stage in life, men can benefit from taking a natural testosterone booster like Ageless Male. The first word that may come to your mind when we talk about testosterone supplements may be “scam”. But Ageless Male scams are hard to prove! That’s because the formulation itself is based on scientific research. The supplement itself contains Vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc and a standardized extract of fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seed extract have been clinically-proven to elevate testosterone to within healthy levels.

Men, don’t take your health for granted, especially when you know a few steps could help you live longer, live healthier and enjoy life!

Why Worry About Low Testosterone Levels?


Many people who have been diagnosed with low testosterone don’t consider it to be a very serious condition. In spite of many recommendations from your doctor, you still think that you can ‘deal with it’. That’s because many men are ashamed and don’t want to really admit that they need to do something to remedy their low testosterone levels. ‘But is it really that bad?’ they ask. Here’s why you need to take low testosterone seriously.

Testosterone is a hormone:

A hormone is defined as any chemical released in specific quantities by various glands of the body that act as messengers to other parts of the body. Hormones effect the body in very big ways even though very little hormone is needed to carry out a particular function. That means that if you are lacking or low on one hormone, you’ll see some pretty drastic changes in your body.

A common misconception among people is that testosterone primarily affects sexual function. More and more research supports testosterone’s multi-faceted role in male health. Just like all the other hormones, testosterone stimulated many different functions in men and women. While more research needs to be done on the exact functioning of testosterone, we know that low testosterone at least affects diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, metabolic syndrome and depression. The ripple effect of testosterone deficiency is not yet fully understood. We’ll look at the first two—obesity and diabetes and how low testosterone affects them.

Obesity and Low Testosterone:

It has been found that obese men tend to have low testosterone while men with low testosterone tend to be obese. This is very interesting. It makes sense that obese men would have low testosterone because their fat cells metabolize testosterone into estrogen.

But why would men with low testosterone tend to be obese? How could one battle such obesity that is caused or supported by low testosterone levels? Testosterone supplements that promote healthy testosterone levels like Ageless Male supplementmight help to some extent to reduce obesity too. 

Diabetes and Low Testosterone:

You might not be taking low testosterone seriously because you never thought it would actually make your diabetes worse. What we know about testosterone is that it helps insulin to take more blood sugar and that would help keep diabetes at bay. Low testosterone can make it harder for the insulin to take up as much sugar and the patient might experience high blood sugar.

Research has yet to shed light on the relationship between diabetes and low testosterone but for now we know that taking testosterone boosters in any form, under doctor’s advice, might help reduce the symptoms for diabetes.

Like we have stated earlier, there are other areas that low testosterone affects –bone density is one major health problem among men with low testosterone. Natural supplements like Ageless Male support increase in testosterone levels without a surplus of testosterone flooding your body, which can be harmful. You can do your own background check into any supplement by reading reviews like Ageless Male supplement reviews and consulting your doctor before taking any supplement regularly.

Hopefully now you are more than convinced that you need to look for solutions if you have low testosterone because it will be detrimental to your whole body if you don’t!

Causes of Low Testosterone


Testosterone, as we all know, is the hormone that’s responsible for building muscles, strengthening bones, and most importantly, for the development of secondary male characteristics. But with growing age, many men notice a dip in their testosterone levels. Most people blame reduced levels on increasing age. While this is largely true, there are other important factors often overlooked by men which can cause low testosterone levels. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Causes of Low Testosterone 

  • Aging: Reported by many as the number one cause, testosterone production gradually reduces as men enter their late 30s. Glands do not function optimally once males reach 40s and 50s, and this is seen as an important factor in the dip in testosterone levels.
  • Heredity: Genetics also often play an important role in reduced testosterone. Kallmann’s syndrome is one such genetic condition, which results in hypogonadism, and eventually low testosterone levels. Another example is the Prader-Willi syndrome, a congenital defect in which sex glands do not produce hormones.
  • Certain diseases like mumps, tuberculosis, meningitis, liver and kidney disease, and AIDS may result in some damage to the testicles, which can have a direct impact on the production of testosterone.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease, obesity, and hypertension can all be causes for low testosterone levels.
  • Injury to the testicles may result in permanent damage to these organs which may adversely affect the production of testosterone.
  • Testicular cancer can also produce lower-than-normal testosterone levels. Sometimes, treatment for testicular cancer can also lower the level of testosterone in males.
  • In some cases, long-term exposure to toxic or man-made chemicals can hamper the functioning of the endocrine system, thereby resulting in low testosterone.

If you’ve been experiencing a decrease in testosterone levels, you can talk to your doctor who can guide you on the best way to increase the levels. Apart from making dietary changes, you can even start taking supplements which are specifically used to boost falling testosterone levels.

Ageless Male supplement is one such supplement which is known to have a positive effect by increasing testosterone levels. It can be taken by all men, regardless of their age. Apart from increasing testosterone levels, Ageless Male supplement reviews indicate that the product also helps in enhancing sexual libido and energy. So if you feel you’re showing signs of low testosterone, do not wait to consult your doctor and get yourself examined, as low testosterone is directly associated with poor libido, weak bones, and a reduced sense of well-being.

Could You Have Low Testosterone?


You might not be aware of the fact that low testosterone is a fairly common problem. It is not talked about as much because of the embarrassment most men feel. But could you have low testosterone? The symptoms differ based on age and other factors.

Teenagers: Teenagers who have low testosterone would find that their voices might not crack like their peers and they might not grow facial hair to the same extent either. This can lead to a lot of bullying at school which usually affects personality development at this crucial stage. Libido will probably remain low as well. Having low testosterone at such a young age is probably an indicator of a more serious condition unless it is hereditary.

Adults: Testosterone levels do gradually decrease as a man ages. There are many other factors that could make a person more likely to have low testosterone levels. Diabetics and obese people are likely to have low testosterone. What are the primary symptoms of low testosterone in adults?  Could you have it?

  • Fatigue: Low testosterone makes men feel tired all the time that is not normal for other people their age. It is a constant lack of energy that is a very common symptom of many other health problems and is not too useful in pinpointing whether you actually have low testosterone.
  • Impotence: Many men with low testosterone find it difficult to have sexual intercourse because of erectile dysfunction.
  • Loss of libido: Impotence is closely related to the decreased libido that men with low testosterone often feel. This makes the man too embarrassed to talk about it but really a problem that is not acknowledged cannot be fixed.
  • Depression: According to research, men with low testosterone levels almost always experience depression, especially if the levels are really low.
  • Loss of muscle mass: Low testosterone makes it difficult to build muscle mass and over time that might cause fat to accumulate.
  • Anger: Instead of depression, some men experience flashes of anger as a symptom of low testosterone.
  • Osteoporosis: An individual who has lived with low testosterone will over time lose bone density resulting in porous bones—also called osteoporosis. This makes life very difficult and the bones become brittle.

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, you could have low testosterone. It is a good time to visit your doctor and ask for a blood test for low testosterone. Living with low testosterone can increase the chances of other health conditions so do not shy away from seeing a doctor immediately.

Ask about testosterone boosters like Ageless Male supplement that is made from the extract of fenugreek herb and has no side-effects. Read up on Ageless Male supplement reviews to know that you’re not alone. Supplements only help boost the body’s natural functions, if your low testosterone is a symptom of a bigger health problem, then you must seek expert advice. Sit with your doctor and talk about how you can work together to live a full and happy life.

More Energy for Life


Everyone would agree that you wish there were more hours of energy in a day. You work and get back home and have to cook or clean or prepare for the next day and the daily routine goes on. Finding the energy to do the things you love or even love the things you get to do like teach your daughter to ride a bike become even more difficult as you grow older.

If you feel overly tired at the end of the day, maybe it’s not just age that’s catching up with you. Aging men may experience this sudden tiredness because of low testosterone levels. Women might have similar experiences as they go through menopause. But how can we still find the energy to do the fun stuff?

Look for the new in the routine:

Instead of focusing on how hard it is to not catch a break, seek out the new things that present themselves to you. Make new friends at work, plan a birthday party, see your dog get excited to see you or buy something wild at the grocery store. Even in a routine, every day is unique and try and find that uniqueness and ponder upon it. Write it down if you like journaling.

Eat well:

You might be that guy that just loves watching TV with a bag of chips and salsa even. That might not be the best dinner. Enjoy the fact that you can change your comfort foods and that you’re not a slave to your cravings. If you snack on the healthy foods for long enough, I guarantee that your unhealthy cravings will diminish.

Remember that part of eating well is making sure you’re not lacking in any nutrient. Many vitamin deficiencies often cause tiredness. In fact low testosterone often leads to depression in men. If you think you might have a vitamin deficiency or low testosterone, multi-vitamins and testosterone boosters like Ageless Male supplement are available.

The Ageless male supplement reviews explains that it contains Testofen which is an extract from fenugreek herb that supports healthy testosterone levels. Low testosterone can be a serious condition that affects your whole body so consulting your doctor before taking any supplements would be wise.

Get some fresh air: 

It’s not easy for city folks to leave the bustling city everyday—especially not if you have young kids. But every week end or every other week end, after sleeping in, spend the day at a park or hike up an easy trail. Fishing, biking, swimming or playing soccer with a bunch of guys can be very relaxing. For some people walking around the mall is exercise and buying is therapeutic.

Read a good book: 

Books transport us into a different world. They let our minds imagine things outside of our own lives. Sometimes they make us wonder about the meaning of life. They force you to look outside yourself and look at yourself as a part of the big picture, an unfolding story. Being part of a book club is another idea—if you don’t know where you can find one, you can start one yourself.

All these ways help us de-stress. It is important to make sure your fatigue is not caused by a physical problem. We’re hoping that through the tips above you can live a fuller life by feeding your mind, body and soul.